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My journey so far into pregnancy

March 1, 2013



I’ve put a wide variety of blogs up I figured I may as well add something else too.  For those who don’t yet know, I am having a baby. !!!! Despite the Doctors telling me I would need IVF a few years ago, and that my chances were low,  I am now 5 months.  It […]

Wellness – Make some changes!

March 1, 2013



The Cost of Overstimulation More scientists now believe that this endless time spent with the Internet, mobile phones and TV is making us impatient, impulsive, forgetful, unfocused and changing the very way we think and behave. For instance, scientists argue that all these “message spurts” play to a primitive impulse to respond to immediate opportunities […]

Few thoughts on a rainy day

November 21, 2012



Wrote this a while ago…   Simplicity… I’m hopeful…open…warm to the idea of love.  Not a casual come and go as you please kinda love, but a love that is strong, secure but yet still has freedom within and around it.  I’m willing to wait it out now.  He’s worth it and so am I. A […]


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