HIIT Work outs – explained & examples

Some may have heard of HIIT, some may not, I’ve read a lot about this type of workout. I’m just going to make this a short blog, you may wish to do your own further research, there is a lot out there.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a type of cardio that improves your body’s fat burning efficiency.  This is a more intense form of cardiovascular training that will keep your body burning fat for the rest of the day. Not only will HIIT help you get lean, it will also improve your fitness and add some variety to your weekly training regimen. Remember: every minute of cardio counts whether it is 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

Overall I think HIIT has its benefits but combine it with healthy eating as well as other forms of workouts such as strength training and steady state cardio. Continue your regular cardio such as spinning, running, jogging etc.  Mix it up and don’t just rely on one thing.

There are lots of HIIT programme’s online, here is an example:

BEGINNERS- 1:2 Ratio (1 minute at a moderately intense pace followed by 2 minutes at a low intensity or recovery pace.)

5 minute warm-up

1 minute at a moderate intensity

2 minutes at a low intensity/recovery pace

Repeat for 4 more moderate intensity intervals

5 minute cool down

Totaling a 23 minute workout

  • Just starting a program? – This workout example is a great place to start, then work your way up to the Intermediate level and eventually the Advanced.
  • No equipment necessary- Just get outside and start walking…it’s FREE!
  • Fast walk- Pump your arms and go as fast a pace as you can.
  • Recovery pace- Try to keep your steady-state recovery speed the same each time. Walk a pace that allows you to catch your breath. After two minutes, you should feel ready to go full force again, though your heart rate may still be slightly elevated.
  • Treadmill use- If using a treadmill, pick a speed that challenges you during the intense intervals. Once you get better at it, try to increase your speed a little each time you perform an intense interval. Example:  First starting a program, your low intensity/recovery speed is at 2.5 mph and High intensity level is at 3.5mph. Once you’ve advanced, Recovery may now be at 3.0 mph and High intensity starts at 3.5 mph. By your last interval, you may be up to 4.0 mph. Keep pushing yourself!
  • Reminder- HANDS OFF TREADMILL HANDLES…ALWAYS. Use your arms to create a natural walking stride.

If you do HIIT, has it helped your fitness goals?

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