My HIIT workout plan #2

Hi guys,

I’ve done a previous blog explaining what HIIT is all about and there is much information online too.

Just put this quick workout together, it will blast body fat, tone muscles, and boost metabolism, you can do it anywhere and do not need any equipment. You can try to improve each time and if your unable to do more than 1 round initially, use that as fuel to push you to challenge yourself further.

Feel free to add weights in where you want to, as well as do the press ups on your knees if full ones are too hard.  Work at the best you can each time, if you need to rest, do so, if you feel dizzy at any time, stop, take some deep breaths and sit down.

iPhone and Android users can download the app I used call GymBoss, it’s basically the interval timer I set this workout on, it keeps you going and on time.


Here it is:

1 round will take approx 5 mins, try and build up to 3 rounds as soon as you can.

40 seconds each, NO rest

Jumping Jacks


Sit Ups

Plank for 30 seconds


REST for 20 seconds

40 seconds each  -NO rest in between:

Prisoner Get ups

Shadow boxing


Press Ups

REST for 1 minute

Repeat 3 times


Don’t wish to make this a long post, so I’ll leave it there, if anybody has any questions about any of these exercises just let me know.

About me:  I’m not a personal trainer, however since beginning my health and fitness journey I have dropped nearly 3 dress sizes and become stronger and fitter than I have ever been.  I do regular classes with personal trainers as well as my own research and have gained a lot of knowledge which has helped me to continue to push myself as well as encourage others to do the same.  Fitness is definitely a lifestyle and healthy eating goes hand in hand.  Eat clean, train hard and you will see results.  Just like I am continuing to do so. 🙂

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