Live Strong – My journey so far

Feel like sharing this morning…
Most people that know me are aware I’m very much into my fitness & health. Going by some of the little remarks here & there it’s clear people don’t know or understand why I’m so passionate.
It’s a big part of my life & has been for nearly 2 years. When I started it wasn’t to try lose weight (even though I needed to) it was simply to get outside to try help me heal. I was in the midst of deep depression after going through some very difficult times in my personal life, I had been prescribed antidepressants by my Dr against all that I believed in. (Always been against these meds) I hated that I was on those things & that it had gotten that bad in my life.  All they did for me was stop all emotion, I was like an empty box, no sadness but also no joy.  I Started going out walking, which turned into jogging most days. Within a couple weeks of this I had stopped taking the meds without telling or asking my Dr.  I never wanted to be on them in the first place.  In my opinion Dr’s should prescribe fitness courses for depression rather than medication to numb you.

Within a few months I was better than before. The fresh air and exercise had moved me from a dark place. The weather changed & due to a knee injury my physiotherapist advised me I could not jog on concrete any longer it had to be soft surfaces only, so I decided to join a gym for the winter months. During my time there I got kinda addicted to Boxercise, it was a great stress reliever & made me feel even stronger. Since then I went onto body weight training and am the strongest I have ever been in my life. Never been able to do a full press up and now I’m close to 20.  I have also dropped nearly 3 dress sizes.  So for me my journey of fitness is about my mind, body & soul. It motivates me and has made me a stronger healthier person, got me out of a dark place & I have been able to help others along the way. in my opinion, that is a great thing.

Another part is where I came from.  My mom was a very healthy and fit person, sadly she died at the young age of 32 of cancer, from diagnosis it was only a few short months before she died.  Due to the cancer being hereditary, I have to have yearly cancer checks for the rest of my life, although I am now past her age by a few years and intend to continue to LIVESTRONG.  So before you think to make a remark about me & my gym work, stop & think. There’s a reason behind the passion and it’s not gassing.  Now you know.

Thanks for reading.

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