Motherhood -A handful of blessings


Mummy & Me

I thought I’d blog a few things I’d learnt along the way that may be of benefit to other new mothers.  I had an overload of information thrown my direction, some of it I found useful, the rest I discarded.  You’ll find what works for you and your baby, every parent is different as is every child.  We thank God for our little ones and also for God giving us the gift of growing into parenthood through all the highs and lows.  Here is my list of things I’ve learnt, in no particular order.

  • Get used to rushing. Fact.
  • Forgetting things becomes normal.  Also, multitasking gets harder!  Baby brain is real!
  • Add an extra hour to your plans to get out the house!
  • Accept your life change.  Sooner rather than later.  The quicker you do, the less tense you will be, which of course is what is best for you, baby and everyone else around you.
  • Accept you’ll make mistakes, only Jesus is perfect.  🙂
  • Get used to not having as much sleep as you used to.  The first week my daughter was born (after a 4-day labour) I managed 10 minutes sleep, ultimately my body went into sleep deprivation mode, but that’s another post!
  • Once I’d decided to move her from Moses basket to her cot I decided to do it at the same time as putting her in her own room.  However, my home is small and her bedroom is 3 strides from my room so it wasn’t very far anyway.  I put her Moses basket into the cot and she slept like this for about a week, we then took her out of the Moses basket and into her cot.  It went very well and she also ended up sleeping a lot better and even through the night.  That was one of my successes 🙂
  • Do not compare yourself to any other mums! You cannot keep up with these folks on Pinterest who seem to have perfectly tidy homes and kids, as well as endless amounts of time for arts & crafts, all of which have perfect pictures of it all on social media.  It’s lies! Take inspiration where you need it then focus on your brilliant parenting skills!
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you get things wrong, the first year of parenting essentially felt like survival for me.  As long as you & your child are alive, happy (most the time) & healthy then you’re doing great!
  • Sometimes, if not all the time, the way we see the problem is the problem! think about that…
  • When things get overwhelming, go into another room after ensuring your child will be safe for a few moments, and CALM down, breathe, rather than remaining in the difficult moment.
  • Try & maintain friendships even if you can’t go out anymore, I found a lot of my friends just stopped being interested in me after my child was a few months old.  This does happen and sometimes it’s temporary, sometimes permanent and not always a bad thing.  But those important, good friendships, keep hold of them.
  • Take up offers of help! Don’t try & be the martyr, people will stop asking sooner than you realise and then you’ll wish you accepted the help.
  • Don’t have too many high expectations of your significant other or anybody else regarding helping you out, it’s very possible you will get let down, whilst we can be hormonal at the best of times, having a baby sends our emotions into ultra drive!  This tip is solely about trying to minimise your own negative moods or feelings being hurt.
  • Do the weaning when your ready, it takes patience!  Lots of it.  In fact, I found it more challenging than potty training and that was kinda stressful!

Buying items

  • Pay the extra for a natural quality nappy cream.  Mine came recommended by a health professional and it lived up to its good review.  My daughter never had any rash problems apart from one episode of one small but sore lump which was gone the next day using this cream.  I’ve linked it below.
  • I avoided most the mainstream products and did not use talc at all.  I’ve done plenty of research and its full of chemicals.  The only thing I used on my daughter’s skin was organic raw coconut oil.  In fact, it’s all I use on my hair too.  Her skin is soft and she has never had any problems.
  • When potty training, buy a decent potty!  I had one potty that I found on Amazon which was great.  In addition to this I bought a toilet trainer seat, again I paid the extra and it was well worth it.  Will link items below.
  • Regarding potty training, don’t rush it, start it when you see the signs.  I let my daughter see me using the toilet regularly so by the time I started potty training she was able to start toilet training simultaneously, in fact, she preferred to use the toilet over the potty.
  • A good travel potty provides peace of mind and ease!  I bought a good one which went to Gran Canaria with us, it’s still in the car, doesn’t take up space and even though she’s fully toilet trained it could still be used in an emergency.
  • A booster seat for eating is useful when out and about, however, I chose the material one you throw in your bag, will link item, many people commented on how good it was.
  • Cot bumpers- I was really pleased with a double-sided breathable fabric one.  Again, paid the extra but had peace of mind that she wouldn’t suffocate!
  • Cot – buy one where the side can come off, it will last longer as they grow and need to get out of bed to go to the toilet etc.
  • Car seat – buy the best you can afford, safety is really important, do the research and look online at honest reviews.
  • Toys – No need to overdo it, seriously.
  • Thermometer – invest in one good one, I still use mine over 2 years on.

Most of all, enjoy this part of your journey.  The biggest piece of advice was being reminded that babies are not babies for long.  Soooo true!! You don’t know whether you’ll even have another baby again, so take time to breathe and enjoy every moment.  You’re doing great!!

Big hugs x


Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty (White)

Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat – Pink

Tippitoes Travel Potty

Totseat Washable Squashable Highchair – Coffee Bean

Airwrap 2-Sided Cot Bumpers (White)

Car seat similar to the first one we bought – Britax Baby-Safe Plus SHR II Infant Carrier Group 0+ (Black Thunder)

IsoFix Base for first car seat – Britax Baby-Safe ISOFIX Infant Carrier Base Group 0+

Our current car seat – Here

If you have enough space I highly recommend this toy – Ideal Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Baby Bouncer – Cleva® Bundle Edition

Now she’s old enough, she has a lovely warm duvet – Cosy Nights Anti-Allergy 7.5 Tog Duvet/Quilt & Pillow, Cot Bed

Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT4520 Ear Thermometer

Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Cream 75ml

Viridian 100% Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil – 500g





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