My journey so far into pregnancy


I’ve put a wide variety of blogs up I figured I may as well add something else too.  For those who don’t yet know, I am having a baby. !!!! Despite the Doctors telling me I would need IVF a few years ago, and that my chances were low,  I am now 5 months.  It is a physical miracle.  It was a massive shock to begin with, in fact it took me 6 weeks to get my head around it!

The week before I found out I was just coming to the end of a stressful 2 weeks of tests for a lump I found in my breast, to my relief it was not cancer.  However, going through the stress, worry of whether I would also die young like my mother did, as well as the pain of having a needle pushed into the lump in my breast to take a sample of cells was not the end of my physical pain!

Exactly one week after getting the all clear, I also get a positive pregnancy test result.  I can honestly say it was THE biggest shock I have ever had!!! I went straight into severe sickness which led to dehydration, which then led to a stay in hospital being put on a drip for a few days to increase my fluids.  The condition was called Hyperemesis and I felt like I was dying, literally.  It was hell.  I lost 2 stone in just over 2 weeks!!

I’m now in my 2nd trimester and even though it has finally passed (Thank God) I still get nausea and do vomit occasionally.   My main problem now is tiredness, not your normal type of tiredness either! Wow! It feels like 36 years of tiredness has descended on me all at once. I wake up tired.  That’s something I could never imagine, day after day.  Today I had blood tests to see if my iron levels are too low.  We shall see the results soon.

Despite all this, along with the unexpected, unplanned part of it, both my partner and I are very happy.  Both scans have shown a very active, healthy baby and yes, we know the sex of the baby too. We found out on my birthday, holding hands, smiles all around.  The Sonographer’s words were ‘You have a perfect baby’.  It was a very special and happy moment for us.

I can honestly say, I have never had such a beautiful birthday, it was my best ever, seeing my baby, finding out the gender and my partner made me feel like a queen from the moment I opened my eyes until I went to sleep that night.  I am very thankful for both of them.

We are not going to put any scan pictures, baby pictures or personal pictures of ourselves on Facebook or other social media.  It is nice to have a private life where everybody doesn’t know what’s going on in your household.  It’s also nice to have so many plans with someone who’s on the same page.  Someone who I love with all my heart and who loves me back.

I’ve waited a long time for this type of love, I’m so proud of him, I no longer have to dread Mother’s Day as I’ll be a mother myself now! It’s nice to be able to relax in a relationship, even when he’s not around due to work etc, knowing that everything is gonna be more than ok.  Going to church together regularly is such a blessing.  When he prays for me, I feel even more secure. What a great feeling!

I have a small circle of great people in my life who are overjoyed and are supportive.  There are also people who have ‘dropped off’, while it would have bothered me once before, I recognise that the right people stick around.

More than anything, I’m grateful for the grace of God in all of this, He has allowed something so very special that I thought would never, ever happen.

I’m learning new things every day, despite my hormonal emotions and random forgetfulness, life is good!!

I’m going to leave it there, even though I could add so much more.  :0)

Peace & Hair Grease! A x

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