Tupac hologram performance

So with all this buzz about the Tupac hologram, I thought I’d post a blog about it for those who may not have seen it.  Despite Tupac being dead for 15 years, recently technology allowed him to be on stage with Snoop & Dr. Dre at Sunday’s Coachella.

Before I say anything else, here is the performance, please note for those of you who are not familiar with Tupac’s music, there is a lot of bad language in this video, if that offends, just hit mute and watch the hologram:

As you probably agree, this is a very realistic hologram.  Some people were freaked out by it, especially as he called out “Coachella” upon entering the stage.  I found out about it all on Twitter, it was quite amusing seeing some of the tweets.  I chose not to give an opinion.  Either way, holograms are something that have been used for quite some time, it was certainly interesting to watch, not sure how I ‘felt’ about it. Disturbed? Hmmmm not as such…did I think, ‘Wow, thats great’, hmmm no not really.

I think it put other deeper thoughts in my mind regarding how we live our lives and the after life, anyway, that’s just me. But imagine, after all the controversy, that he was still alive? Interesting thought.

What did you think?

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