Harmony in love

5 Essentials in the sculpted heart of a man:

  1. He should be moved to provide for you
  2. He should be moved to protect you
  3. He should see himself as the solution to your needs or problems
  4. He should guard your reputation
  5. He should have to go through something to get you, not because you are a victim, but because you are a good woman.

(Remember Boaz and Ruth in the Bible)

So much pressure on a woman has forced her to forsake her power in relationships.  When you abandon your power, you can become truly hard, weak, immoral, seductive, insensitive, and/or overly demanding.  These hardness characteristics violate your femininity, your nature and your person.  Hard does not translate into strong, and soft does not translate into weak.  When a man is submitted to God, it is easier to submit to him in your relationship. If he is following the example of Christ in how to love you and lead you then this in itself is a blessing.  Yes people are people and challenges will occur, but if your trying to submit to a man that is not following anything Godly, you are on a bumpy road where your emotions are bound to take some hits and submission will not happen, and if it does it will be unhealthy and forced.  Mutual respect is so important, you have to respect your man.  Nobody gets it right 100% of the time when it comes to loving a person, but it should be closer to 100% than 50%.

Commitment is the ground for healthy love to blossom.  So many people are afraid of doing this out of their own insecurities and fears.  But, ultimately, when two people have healthy respect & love for each other, commitment is a beautiful thing.  Someone having your back and vice versa, remember the bible speaks about two being better than one.  Also imagine being able to rest in security, stability and support in such a cold, uncertain world.

These are just a few of my thoughts as I end my working day, not put this together with a lot of structure, but sometimes it be’s that way.

Power of a woman is to not lead a man, but to stabilize him.  Know how to work it!


  1. Great post! Many women out of desperation give themselves to men who do not deserve them. Many men know this and take advantage. Also thank you for describing to men how woman need and deserve to be treated.

    Thank for bringing awareness of Christ back into relationships. He is always there, but many people have forgotten.

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