Wisdom from the wise

Here is an article I came across, thought to share…

Elders who were married for 30-plus years were asked to share secrets to a successful, happy and lasting marriage.

Their secrets revealed:

Harry, married 39 years
Harry said that early in their marriage, he and his wife had a lot of issues (because they were so young), and so they implemented a “Do Not Get Mad Session” once a month. During this session they talked about things that each one did not like about what the other person was saying or doing over the last month. If they started to get angry, they canceled the session and restarted it the next week. Harry says that this type of session allowed them to learn from each other and to recognize things that the other person did not like.

Paul, married 38 years
Paul gave five basic principles that are important for a successful marriage (in order of importance.). He says he and his spouse learned these things from going to counseling and from counseling other couples:

You need God in your family/marriage.
Trust each other.
Discuss things together (communicate).
Make compromises in the areas where you disagree.
Respect each other and the principles of each other, whether you agree with them or not.

Maxine, married for 41 years
Maxine says the following things were instrumental to keeping her marriage together:

She learned how to share in times of joy and encourage in times of disappointment.
She and her husband refer to each other by name.
They keep the kids out of their personal discussions.
They have family dinner every Sunday.
They respect each other’s roles.

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