Target Practise Mixtape Review

I thought I’d start 2012 with a mini review of the brand new mixtape from UK lyricist Artcha.  Every track has been written by Artcha and put nicely over a J Dilla instrumental.

When I first heard his mixtape I instantly felt drawn into this musical journey, during playback I was exposed to Artcha discussing his emotions and experiences which created plenty of head nodding moments and inner reflections.

Unlike many artists nowadays, who only seem to be talking about bling, swag and women (rolls eyes), Artcha talks about real life, his real life.  Never a dull moment on the mixtape & for those of you that know of J Dilla, (if you don’t then please slap yourself now) the fact that every track has his music behind it, equates to pure audio pleasure.  There is a lot of very clever symbolism used, this is something Artcha is well known for, the track ‘Stella’ is expertly written, it’s not about a woman as some may think, if you listen carefully you should catch on to what it’s really all about.

The track ‘I Can See Us’ is lyrical sweetness, here he talks openly & in a sensual manner about his emotions towards his lady.  Also ‘A Day in the Life’  is where he speaks transparently, and at parts I caught myself feeling quite emotional at his transparency.  The track ‘Don’t Say a Word’ is a real head banger, I couldn’t keep still while listening to it.

Rather than disect every track, I reccomend you go and get a free download of the entire mixtape now while it’s still available.  A lot of hard work and creativity has gone into it and the end result is genius.  Well done Artcha.

You can download his mixtape from as well as follow him on twitter at @Artcha

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