The Poison inside Honey coated Lips


Open your EYES to SEE the REALNESS of what’s really going on….
when a fine man or woman is in front of you, or on the phone, email, etc, saying all the right things you want to hear, showing you that kind of attention, doing the things you like to feel….just the way you like it, ……they look good, smell good, taste good when theyre lips are on yours it’s like paradise……this can soon lead to confusion…..hurt…and all things negative and dillusional…….it’s a plan…you will know by the direction it goes in where it has been sent from…

These pretty, sexy lips, dripping with honey, are like the ant poison you can buy. The ants are drawn to it because on the outside it smells and tastes sooooo good, they’re all scurrying around taking it back to their homes, excited that they actually found something that satisfies them, gives them pleasure, oooh it’s wonderful, yet slowly and SURELY the poison inside the honey kills the enitre colony, it gets a foothold inside their homes, an invitation, a warm welcome, it used the outer false disguise, which was an excellent one, to get inside, and kill every living one of them….DEAD. This could be a physical,. emotional one for us or a spirtual one, it depends on the mission of the agent.
So you see, not everything that looks and taste good is what it seems, some things are sent to kill you…… whereas some things are sent to bring life…you will always know the difference, even if you live in denial for a while, while sipping on the honey…
Wise up people….the enemy is using eveything he knows you like to get you out of God’s will……I know…. as this has happened to me, more than once…but God through His Grace & Mercy…opens my eyes to it each time… I’m sharing it with you….but beware the honey gets sweeter each time….

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