How to Start Jogging


A useful guide to help beginners.

If you want to start jogging, don’t expect to walk out your front door and jog five miles. You have to build up slowly, and it’s easier than you think.

Always See Your Doctor First

A basic physical exam should help you find out if there is any reason why you shouldn’t jog. If your doctor feels that jogging isn’t for you, s/he can advise you about what exercises are appropriate.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Imagine that your body is like a car. Even if you have the fastest sports car in the world, it won’t budge even an inch if it doesn’t have fuel. And it can’t be just any fuel. Jet fuel is great for jets but not so good in cars. Putting diesel in a gasoline engine doesn’t work either. You need to use the right fuel. Your body works in much the same way.

If you fill up on high processed, high fat, high sugar foods or foods filled with hydrogenated oils and corn syrup, then you’re filling your body with bad fuel. For those of you who do exactly that, no wonder you have a difficult time getting your body to move.

Stick to fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. Shop for healthy ingredients, not prepackaged meals, and learn to cook some easy, basic, healthy recipes. Drink 100% juice, smoothies, tea (easy on the sugar), and water (add lemon or lime for a little extra flavor, and it’s FREE at most restaurants). If you absolutely need to eat prepackaged foods, stock up on the healthy stuff…..
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