To Flourish and to Thrive


1. To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive
2. To do or fare well; prosper:
3. To be in a period of highest productivity, excellence, or influence:

I was just here thinking while drying my hair, what makes me feel free, secure and in a place where I can flourish?
The first thing I thought of was security, assurity, honesty and love. 
This led my mind to thinking some more, if we are in these type of relationships/friendships then surely we can all make better people of each other and flourish, reaching full capacity that God intended in each one of us before we were born. 
We all have a purpose in our life and we can accomplish these tasks set before us in a more powerful way if we have the right relationships. 
There are times where I have had some mad relationships/friendships and they have sent my mind into so much confusion that I cannot be motivated to do anything until those things were clear in my mind.  With the right people, each should care about the other person and not want to play any games, not only is this unhealthy, it also passes on without you realising, then before you know it, your in the game and playing it well.  There is no security, trust or genuine love in games.  Steer away from this type of behaviour and those that do it, its not healthy for you or them. 

Another thing I was thinking, everybody needs somebody, the Bible says that 2 hands are better than one, for when one falls the other can lift him up.  Real love/friendship is not superficial, its not surface level, its reliable, secure, committed and relational. 

There seems to be a culture developing amongst a lot of people I know, some say it openly, while others I can see in their behaviour, this culture being “Dog eat Dog”, every man for himself type deal.  That’s not an attitude that can produce anything Godly or positive. 

So many of us lack trust, (me included), we have been disapointed, hurt, let down, betrayed etc and we decide NO MORE, or not for a long time, but tomoro is not promised! Life is short, while we may be waiting for that long time, we may be losing out on that special love, that dynamic trusting secure love that can only further advance us in various capacities to thrive!
Having the right people around us, those with a spirit of love, that which comes from God, those people are the ones that can help us on our journeys of healing and personal development.  We may not realise it sometimes, but we need these people.  God uses people to help his children. 
Within me right now I have so much that wants to come out I dont know where to start sometimes, I have a few ideas that I’m looking into regarding location, education and personal development, but sometimes being around the right person brings the other stuff out of me I wasnt aware was there, (trust me we all have those hidden ideas and thoughts).  I awoke this morning after a long lie in bed, feeling loved, refreshed, peaceful and knowing that no matter what goes on around me, I still have and will always have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  I’ve not been praying a whole lot lately, when I have it has been for other people, nor have I spent much time reading the Word of God, but I have been sitting and thinking, turn the tv off, turn the stereo off, and sometimes God will still comfort you when your not in His Word or in deep prayer, thats the kind of God He is, Relational, secure, commited, genuine.  Real!
Some of us say we are not looking for a relationship, we are career focused or we got hurt and its that never again mentality…but every person is unique, all men and all women are not the same, not everyone is out for themself, although is seems that way at times.  I’m also reminding myself that same thing, cos sometimes it does feel men are all the same, but deep inside me I know its not true.  I’m quite selective who I have close to me, but am being careful that my guard does not push the right people away… I’m giving love a chance….going to try to trust until I have a real reason not to…. rather than the you gotta build trust mentality, cos really, thats kinda wisht washy too in some ways and can take a very long time with some of us, thus further delaying goodness to take place..jus some thoughts…

All I know is I want those around me to flourish and thrive,
I wanna flourish & thrive to my full potential too, dont you?

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