Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through my fingertips…I love to write

I am going to make more effort on my outside appearance every day, even when I feel crappy.

I take care of myself anyway, but I’m going to add that lil more effort and time.


Afterall, I’m working on the inside, the outside needs to be well groomed too, at all times.

I’m whitening my teeth, making sure my eyebrows are threaded neatly, using make up more often than ‘only when I go out’, losing weight, getting fitter and stronger, and with all this, spending less, less food, not going Zumba yet just working out at home, dancing and on the wii.

Another thing, I make sure I smell good 24/7 365. I was told yesterday again, by someone else, regarding my ex… he had a good thing…it’s his loss..I agree

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