Disapointed, few lil tweets

There are some ppl we will never understand because they say one thing & do another, what chance have we got @ working them out?

I think I need adopting by some rich folks….need a strong support system in place financially, emotionally & physically.

If only I said what I’m really thinking this morning….but I wont, just a mini rant for a moment, is that ok

It’s not always a good thing to be reading those happy family just married baby on the way blogs when ur not happy with ur own life…It just makes u feel even more alone and like a complete #FAIL even tho the good book says U R A conqueror who is fearfully/wonderfully made …..sometimes u jus gotta take a break from everyone else’s happiness & try to get ur own life the way it should be, not like how others lives are going.. not everyone gets the same blessings…some of us r meant to be alone

sometimes I speak my mind too much and get myself into a vulnerable situation where folks take advantage,but I can only B me

watched a cpl movies last night,thght that both were purely love/romance,but 1 of them included the death of a parent to cancer…. had me in tears as it brought back all the memories of when my mom also died of cancer at 32. In fact last night opened up a can of emotion..questions….n thoughts..I’ve been told I think too much….my old bible study teacher told me God made me inquisitive n its a good thing…..my opinion is I would rather have not been created as inqusitive and thinking too much, maybe then I’d have more peace..who knows…random
I’m not depressed as I tweet! jus thoughts, well a few of them, there r so many this morning..but I’ll chill on it now…b4 I mad myself lol
Not a very patient person,but I’m definately more patient than when I was a youngster, but I’ll never have the patience of Jesus #IfOnly

For me, being single or in a relationship, does not even come close to being married with children.If only we could plan life! Man plans, God laughs

Who are those religious ppl that dont talk and just say nothing? I’m here thinking, how do they do that for so long? Wow….Sometimes I’m silent,but then I go the opposite & talk for England…& probably America too …I’m probably talking 2 myself most the time 2…Well this is social networking right? So aint I meant to be social….dunno bout u lot!

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