Inner reflection 1

So much keeps happening lately, it’s so hard to think straight at times.  I believe sometimes stuff will happen to highlight something that needs your attention, that needs God’s healing, that needs cleaning up.

We as humans are good at covering up, it’s also so easy to think we have sorted something, gotten over something or let something go…that is…until…it comes back and waves at you..and you FEEL it.

I don’t even know where to start if i’m honest.  But I do know I have to stuff that needs cleaning up, that needs God to heal me, maybe for a 2nd time.  Either way I can’t let it keep re-infecting me like this.  It’s all mental and emotional, sometimes that’s what takes longer to heal than any physical problems.

Questions I need to ask myself: Have I let go, Have I gotten over it, Have I forgiven them and me, Have I accepted this?

But then where do I get the answers turned around if they are bad or toxic for me?


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