Words from a man….

A friend wrote this some time ago, it wasn’t for me, he put it online, I wanted to share with you. 

see you sitting there… so together But inside the tears keep falling. I see the anger, the disappointment. Now for every man that ever hurt you.
For every tear that fell from your eyes.Here and now, i`d like to apologize.

I`m sorry for the many night
You spent staring at the phone,
I`m sorry for the birthdays, the holidays.Just day you spent alone.

I`m sorry for the other women,That made you feel less than the queen that you are. I`m sorry that he reached for the moon,When in his hand he held…a star.

I`m sorry that the only time you heard i love you was when he found himself between your thighs.

I`m sorry he used your body,Seeing you as nothing more… than a notch on his belt. I`m sorry that no answer came,When your heart cried for help.

I`m sorry for the fist that says,
I only beat you because I care.”
I`m sorry for all the times you needed to be held,But he was never there.

I`m sorry for the scars.
That no medicine can heal.
I`m sorry for the near fatal overdose of sleeping pills.

I`m sorry he rejected your child,
Never picked them up when they fell.
I can only say,”If i`m willing to love the woman.Then i`m willing to love that child as well.”

I`m sorry for the first time you said
I`ll never love again.”
I`m sorry for the first time you said
“GOD forgive me but i hate all men,”

But to you i say, “Don`t give up!”
GOD has something special in store.
To you i say,”Love is around the next
corner, Behind the next door,”
And this time GOD will give you just what your heart is asking for.

LORD knows…We all make mistakes.
We`re only human after all.
Just don`t be so angry that you turn
your back When true love calls.

So just remember… not every man is the same.So not every man should bare
the blame,For the deeds of a misguided few.
Remember there are men out there….
That are willing to love YOU….JUST….YOU.

Also remember
Yours is not the only broken heart.
Mine has been broken too.
I just hope that you can forgive the
MAN in me…..
Like i forgave the WOMAN in you

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