Sacred Woman…

Intimate relationships or unions are the arms and legs of the womb, the extensions of a woman’s “inner space.” In order for a woman’s womb to be at peace, she needs to be at peace in all of her intimate relationships. Her relationships with all things that she consumes at a physical or energetic level and that become a part of her. Whether the intimate exchange is breathing air into her body or putting food into her mouth, all of a woman’s intimate relationships are rooted in her relationship with her self.

So reflect on your unions in your own way and allow each to become your teacher.
Empty yourself of resentment and become receptive to the lessons that your intimate relationships bring. Surrender to the wisdom that each and every union offers to your spirit so that you will not hold on to pain. Undigested or unprocessed pain held in the womb grows into tumors.

Intimate relationships have the potential to provide pain or joy.
Unfortunately, there can be many sources of pain. Perhaps the most tragic is the hurt and disappointment cause by a negative or unbalanced masculine energy in our lives that of a father, brother, uncle, mate, lover or friend — someone known and trusted. Violation, physical, energetic, or emotional from a person you thought you could trust to love and respect you creates deep hurt and resentment that requires committed healing work.

Too often we flee to a new relationship in an effort to soothe our wounds before we have begun to recognize them, much less heal them. This is an unfair burden to carry to your new mate and lover and puts undue stress on a new relationship. Pain must be released or it will solidify into permanent blockages on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

A woman must have a committed lover within her mate, husband, or husband-to-be. For the salvation of her soul she must strive to avoid men who are merely “hit and run” lovers who will violate her spirit and leave her high and dry. She cannot afford to be involved with someone who does not intend to go deeply to, to make a commitment. She does not need a lover who is oh-so-sweet for a moment, only to have those moments turn into hours, days even years of feeling insecure, resentful, angry, depressed, lonely, empty and abused.

An uncommitted relationship can create these feelings in a woman, and even in a man. A woman who permits and encourages a man to deal with her predominantly on a sexual basis is setting herself up for emotional and spiritual danger. She can find herself on a collision course with pain. She can become needy, desperate, or hostile. For absolute healthy love to flow and be a healing experience there must be commitment.

For a woman to really open up, she must be absolutely at peace with her soul, for when she trusts her man enough, she will not hold back on her love. A woman’s love is like a deep vault. When she is confident in her man’s love, she will not merely open up her thighs for sex; she will open her vault to reveal the treasures of her womanhood. In a committed union there will be many blissful gateways of ecstasy, joy, and peace. Yes, Peace. When a woman truly experiences a loving union with a man, she will have no need to hold back for fear of being hurt. She will bless the union with her full self. For a woman to be at one with her mate she needs to know that her man is going to be there for her without excuses, without stories, without lies.

Women, you must first see and establish your worth, your value, your richness, your beauty, you power within yourself in order for the man to have a passion to commit to you, body, mind and spirit. You may say “Oh but he looks so good!” And to this is the reply, “No more lovers, if you please! For those of you who are not striving to go beyond, for those of you who do not intend to find and to become a truly well rounded spiritual mate, All there is to say is; sister beware, for the lover your share your bed with is no different from the food you put into your mouth.

With the man presently in your life, or soon to be, strive not to have a hamburger-on white bread lover, or a frozen-food marriage. Keep your Body Temple clean and pure, so you will attract a sea-moss-and-sprouts man, a watercress-and-dandelion mate, a wheatgrass-and-mustard-greens-and-kale husband who is just like you, strong and pure. Watch your food intake, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings, for what you embrace externally reflects your inner environment. So women, take responsibility to model the level of union you seek. And by all means, while in waiting, stay away from any foods or herbs that stimulate the libido a.k.a. “sex drive.”

Be patient and cleanse, and your king will come. He will be compelled to drop rose petals at your feet, anoint and kiss them, for he feels so complete. He knows that to be in the presence of his soul-mate, you, is a gift from the Most High, and that he has been waiting for you all his life.”

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