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Live Strong – My journey so far

October 9, 2012



Feel like sharing this morning… Most people that know me are aware I’m very much into my fitness & health. Going by some of the little remarks here & there it’s clear people don’t know or understand why I’m so passionate. It’s a big part of my life & has been for nearly 2 years. When I started […]

My HIIT workout plan #2

July 30, 2012



Hi guys, I’ve done a previous blog explaining what HIIT is all about and there is much information online too. Just put this quick workout together, it will blast body fat, tone muscles, and boost metabolism, you can do it anywhere and do not need any equipment. You can try to improve each time and if […]

Thou shalt have no other god’s before me

July 4, 2012



Anything that you refuse to let go of is an idol… God clearly states this in His word not to have any other God’s before Him, an idol is a God.  When I say anything, I mean could be your computer, your car, your home, your money, your wedding ring, your pets, your boyfriend, […]


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